Code of Conduct

The aim of the Recovery College is to provide a safe atmosphere for individuals to build confidence, gain knowledge and develop skills.

This includes supporting students to understand the Code of Conduct and to develop their skills in relation to this.

  • We aim to provide a safe and pleasant environment for everyone.
  • It is important that everyone is valued and treated with respect.

Behaviour that is not acceptable

We will view any behaviour that is disrespectful or likely to cause harm to others as a breach of the Code of Conduct. The list below gives examples;

  • Making personal remarks or using offensive language
  • Physical violence or behaving in a threatening or aggressive manner
  • Sexual Harassment, racism, discrimination
  • Theft or damage to property and inappropriate use of cameras, or other recording or imaging devices
  • Being under the influence of non-prescribed drugs or alcohol


It is important to respect privacy and for this reason:

  • Do not repeat conversations or incidents which happen during courses or activities.
  • Do not disclose anyone’s personal information without their permission.

Information about students is held in the strictest confidence, we would only share information with someone else with your consent.

However there are 3 areas where we are legally bound to pass information onto relevant agencies eg Police, Social Services;

  • Any Illegal Activities
  • Child Protection Issues
  • Disclosure of Harm, either to self or others


We all have a duty to protect others from abuse. If a student is concerned that they or another student is at risk of neglect or abuse, they should contact staff for support and advice or contact the Lets Talk team on 0191 424 6000.

If the Code of Conduct is breached

Students should feel empowered to challenge any behaviour that is contrary to the letter or spirit of the Code of Conduct.

However students may also speak to staff, peer support workers or course facilitators for advice or support or to raise concern about breaches to the Code of Conduct.

A serious breach of the code may result in a student being excluded for a period of time. If a criminal act has taken place the matter may be reported to the police.

Warnings will be given for less serious breaches although persistent disregard of warnings may also result in use of service being withdrawn for a period of time.