Positive Pens – An antedote to a miserable Monday

Well, what better to do on a miserable Monday afternoon than to attend Kind Mind Community’s ‘Positive Pens’ group?

I initially attended to support published author and volunteer, Jayne, in running the group.  But it turned into much, much more …

Eight of us gathered around the table in Jarrow, unsure of what would come next.  Well, to start with, Jayne suggested we each write about an animal.  But my mind was fixed on a pylon of all things!  So I planted my pylon on a hill in the south of the Lake District.   Soon I was on a journey to Blackpool for fish ‘n’ chips, and watching the hikers, mountain bikers and off-road drivers (yes, I had to get some 4×4’s in somewhere!).

Next I chose ‘something in the kitchen’ for the group to write about and I was amazed as I remembered how much is actually in my hubby’s ‘man drawer’.

Then we chose a colour to find words for.  Being awkward, I chose sky blue pink (you can find the paint in B & Q next to the tartan variety!)

And then onto a walk in the park, and what that meant to us.

At the end of the session, we reflected on our experience.  This was my summary … “I had a virtual day’s holiday visiting the Lake District, B & Q, my kitchen and the park.  All the while not even taking a day’s leave.  Happy days”

If you’d like to join the friendly and easygoing Positive Pens group, contact us on 0191 217 2935 or email kindmindcommunity@mentalhealthconcern.org.  You won’t regret it!