The Joys (and benefits!) of Volunteering

People often approach us here at Kind Mind Community and tell us that, one day, they’d love to volunteer.  Well, that ‘one day’ might be nearer than you think.

Things to consider when you choose to volunteer:

  • All of us have individual skills. Think about it carefully – be kind to yourself and you’ll probably realise that running a household would make you a wonderful volunteer project manager.
  • Think of something you’d love to do. There’s no point volunteering to be a delivery driver if you hate rush-hour traffic!
  • Remember that life and work skills are transferrable.
  • Do you wish to work quietly or in a team?
  • Do you wish to meet people and connect with them?


One of our team members recollects their 1st experience of volunteering.

“I’d been off sick with depression for a long time and my confidence had been eaten away.  I didn’t think I had anything to offer that I would be good at … until I saw an advert from my local Mental Health Trust.  They were looking for drivers, to use their own cars to deliver paper prescriptions.  Well, I love driving so nervously I picked up the phone and volunteered.  There followed a few forms, but before I knew it, I was doing a weekly ‘round’.  I became known for driving anywhere, so I soon started covering for other volunteers too.  I didn’t just do it to help; I did it because I wanted something to fill the long boring weeks.

The benefits I got were my Covid jabs before all my friends!  But more than that – I was finally useful again and supporting the NHS through the Covid Pandemic.

Our friends at Even Better CIC produced this blog last year: .  It’s a lovely read, and explains how we benefit ourselves from the very act of volunteering.

Here at Kind Mind Community, we are on the lookout for volunteers – whether that be to meet, greet and support students, be a peer mentor or even help us co-write courses or cofacilitate.  We’re so keen to have you on board that we offer our own Peer Mentor course, to help you along the way.  The next one is starting in just a few weeks’ time and you can give us a call on 0191 217 2935 or email to book your space.

We have also teamed up with Even Better CIC to run the ‘Listening Ear Jarrow’ project.  If you feel you could be a good listener and can give a few hours a month, in Jarrow, this could be the project for you.  Full training is offered and there is plentiful support in the role, from mental health professionals and from your peers.

You can read more about Listening Ear Jarrow here:


If you’d like to volunteer with Kind Mind Community, just get in touch and we’ll arrange to book you in for an informal chat.